Stars’ in the Night Sky Lullaby

In the canvas vast and deep,
Stars awaken from their sleep.

“Stars, Stars,” the river gleamed,
“Share your tales, however, dreamt.”

The world went quiet, clouds did part,
As Stars prepared their age-old art.

“Stars, Stars,” the mountains tall did cry,
“Your tales weave constellations in the sky.”

Above the forests, over the sands,
Their tales echoed in all the lands.

“Stars, Stars,” whispered the breeze,
“With your tales, the world finds ease.”

Children nestled in their warm embrace,
Felt the stars’ tales, a gentle grace.

“Stars, Stars,” a child did pray,
“Guide my dreams, keep nightmares at bay.”

With a twinkle and brilliance so profound,
Stars shared tales, night’s enchanting sound.

“Stars, Stars,” with grateful delight,
The world said, “Bless our night.”

In the canvas vast and deep,
Stars ensured dreams were sweet and deep.

The End

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