The Elfin Hill Fairy Tale


In Denmark, there was an Elfin hill, so rich and beautiful. It was covered with violets and primroses. Inside the hill, the elves lived, and they were preparing for a grand party.

The hill was to be opened, and the old elfin maidens, who had been in the hill for hundreds of years, were busy brewing and baking.

The elf king’s daughters, dressed in silk and gold, were waiting to welcome the guests. The guests included the Night Raven, a changeling from the family of the minister, and a few goblins from Norway.

The Night Raven arrived first, bowing to the elf maidens. “Good evening,” he croaked. “I bring tales from the dark, where no human can see.”

The elf king welcomed him, “Your stories are always welcome in our hill.”

Next, the changeling from the minister’s house arrived. He complained, “I have to sing the same songs. I am tired of ‘coo-coo’ and ‘tweet-tweet.'”

The elf maidens laughed, and one of them said, “Here, we dance both old and new. You’ll like it.”

The goblins from Norway were the last to arrive. They brought presents for the elf king – a spear and a pair of spectacles.

The elf king asked, “Why the spectacles?”

One goblin replied, “So you can see the ghosts dancing at midnight.”

The party began, and the guests danced. The elf king noticed a goblin maiden, who was neither pretty nor well-dressed but had a beautiful neck.

The elf king whispered to her, “Would you like to stay with us and dance?”

She shyly nodded, pleased by the invitation.

Meanwhile, outside the hill, a couple of storks were observing the party. “These elves are having fun,” one stork said.

“Yes, but they will close the hill soon. Dawn is near,” replied the other.

As the first light of dawn appeared, the Elfin Hill closed. The storks flew away, and the party ended, leaving the Elfin hill as quiet and mysterious as ever.

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Follow Up Questions

What do you think the elfin maidens and goblins were celebrating in their party inside the Elfin Hill?
How do you imagine the Night Raven’s tales might have sounded during the celebration?
If you could add another magical creature to the story of “The Elfin Hill,” what would it be and why?

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