The Fox and The Crow


The Fox and The Crow is a famous story that teaches an invaluable moral. It was written by the famous Greek Storyteller Aesop. Read the story and find its moral.

Once upon a time, in a peaceful forest, a clever fox spotted a crow perched high in a tree, holding a delicious piece of cheese in its beak.

The fox, tempted by the cheese, hatched a cunning plan. He approached the crow and began to praise the crow’s beautiful feathers and graceful appearance.

“Dear Crow,” said the fox, “you are truly the most majestic and elegant of all birds. I’m sure your voice is as beautiful as your plumage. Would you please sing for me? I long to hear such a magnificent creature’s song.”

The crow, flattered by the fox’s compliments and eager to display its singing ability, couldn’t resist. It opened its beak to sing, and in doing so, it dropped the piece of cheese. The sly fox, quick as lightning, snatched the cheese from the ground and gobbled it up.

The crow, realizing its mistake, felt foolish and regretful. It had been tricked by the cunning fox’s flattery and lost its precious cheese.

Moral of The Story

The moral of this fable is often expressed as “Beware of flattery. It may hide a hidden agenda.”

It teaches us to be cautious and not let sweet words or compliments cloud our judgment, as there may be ulterior motives behind them.

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