The Eagle and the Crow


This is a moral story about how intelligence can outsmart strength

Once, a proud eagle and a clever crow lived in the same forest. They often argued about who was the superior bird, with the eagle boasting about its strength and the crow about its intelligence.

To settle their dispute, they agreed to a competition. They spotted a lamb grazing in a field and decided to see who could capture it first. The eagle soared into the sky, ready to swoop down, while the crow had a different plan.

The crow approached the lamb and whispered, “Dear Lamb, don’t be alarmed. I know the eagle is about to swoop down and harm you. If you listen to me and follow my lead, I can help you escape.”

The lamb, trusting the crow’s words, agreed. When the eagle descended to grab the lamb, the crow cawed loudly, scaring the eagle away. The grateful lamb thanked the crow and ran to safety.

The crow turned to the eagle and said, “You see, my friend, intelligence can outsmart strength.”

In this fable, the crow’s cleverness triumphs over the eagle’s strength, illustrating the idea that wit and wisdom can be more valuable than physical power.

Different versions of this fable exist in various cultures, each emphasizing the importance of using one’s intelligence wisely.

Moral of the Story

The moral of the fable “The Eagle and the Crow” is that intelligence and cleverness can often outsmart sheer strength or power.

In the story, the crow uses its wit and cunning to protect the lamb, while the eagle, despite its strength, is outsmarted.

This fable teaches us that intelligence and resourcefulness can be valuable assets, and sometimes, brains are more effective than physical strength in solving problems or achieving goals.

It encourages us to recognize the power of intellect and clever thinking, just like the fable of The North Wind and The Sun . Crows are popular over here. You can also read The Crow and The Snake.

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