The Crow and the Snake.


Discover the valuable lesson in this famous moral story about kindness.

Once upon a time, a wise crow lived in a dense forest. One hot summer day, as the crow was flying over a dry and arid area, it spotted a snake struggling in the scorching sun. The snake was dehydrated and near death.

The compassionate crow, known for its wisdom, decided to help the suffering snake. It flew down and offered to carry the snake to a nearby pond where it could quench its thirst and cool off. The snake, grateful for the crow’s offer, accepted the help.

The crow gently picked up the snake in its beak and flew to the pond. After reaching the pond, the crow carefully placed the snake near the water’s edge. The snake drank deeply, feeling rejuvenated and revived.

As the snake rested by the pond, it began to feel a sinister temptation. It thought, “I can’t let this crow go. It’s too weak to defend itself, and I’m hungry.” With deceit in its heart, the snake suddenly lunged at the unsuspecting crow.

But the clever crow, even in its weakened state, had foreseen this possibility. Just before the snake could strike, the crow spread its wings and flew out of reach, narrowly escaping the snake’s attack.

The crow perched on a nearby tree branch, looking down at the treacherous snake. It said, “I saved your life, and this is how you repay me? You should remember that kindness should never be mistaken for weakness.” With that, the crow flew away, leaving the snake to reflect on its ungratefulness.

Moral of the Story

The moral of this story is that kindness should be extended without expecting anything in return. However, it also teaches us to be cautious about those who may take advantage of our kindness.

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