The Fox and the Geese


The Fox and the Geese is a short fable by the Brothers Grimm. Here’s a retelling of the story:

The Fox and the Geese Audio Story

Once upon a time, there was a fox who stumbled upon a flock of geese. The geese, seeing the fox, began to cackle in fear. The fox, with a sly grin, told them, “Why are you making such a noise and weeping? I have come to take your lives.”

The geese, in their distress, pleaded with the fox for one final grace. They asked the fox to let them pray for one last hour, so they might prepare for their end in peace. The fox, thinking he had plenty of time, agreed smugly to their request.

The geese, lined up in a circle, began their “prayers”. However, instead of praying, they stretched their necks into the air and began to cackle loudly. They continued to do so without stopping.

The fox, growing impatient, urged them to be done with their prayers. But the geese argued that they were not yet finished and must continue praying without interruption, as was their custom.

Meanwhile, as the geese continued their noisy “praying,” their racket reached the ears of some nearby hunters. Alerted by the cacophony, the hunters arrived with their dogs. Seeing the danger, the fox fled, lamenting that he had let his meal slip away because he had allowed the geese to trick him with their prayers.

Moral of The Story

the wise and cunning can also be outwitted. The geese, through their clever ruse, managed to save themselves from the fox.

This fable, like many of Grimm’s stories, imparts a lesson about cleverness and resourcefulness in the face of danger.

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