The Gnat & the Bull

In the vast realm of Aesop’s tales, “The Gnat & the Bull” moral story stands as a timeless lesson on self-importance. This classic fable, passed down through generations, offers profound insights wrapped in a simple narrative.

Join us as we delve into this tale, unravelling the wisdom it carries about perception and humility. Explore the story that reminds us that sometimes, our significance is often only in our own eyes.

In a vast green meadow, a gnat buzzed around, searching for a place to rest. Soon, he found himself hovering above a strong, imposing bull. With a swoop, he landed on one of the bull’s broad horns.

“Kind sir,” said the gnat, attempting to make polite conversation, “if my presence is a bother, just say the word. I’ll immediately leave and find another spot.”

The bull, feeling the light tickle on his horn, looked up and replied, “Oh, it’s you, little one. I hadn’t even noticed you were there. Rest as you please. Whether you choose to stay or go, it’s all the same to me.”

With that, the gnat took off, buzzing with embarrassment, while the bull continued grazing, undisturbed.

Moral of the Story

One’s significance is often only in their own eyes.

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