The Golden Goose Fairytale


In a small village lived a woodcutter with three sons. The youngest, Dummling, was often underestimated because of his simple nature.

One day, the eldest son went to the forest, determined to cut wood to earn his father’s favor. An old man appeared, asking, “Young man, could you spare some food for a hungry traveler?”

The eldest son scoffed, “Why should I share my meal with you?” He went on to cut wood but soon injured himself and returned home in defeat.

The next day, the second son tried his luck. He too encountered the old man, who asked, “Could you please give me something to eat?”

“I cannot feed every beggar in the forest!” the second son replied haughtily. Like his brother, he returned home injured.

Finally, it was Dummling’s turn. In the forest, the old man appeared and asked, “Could you spare a little food for me?”

Dummling smiled and said, “Of course, I have only a little bread and cheese, but you are welcome to share it with me.”

After they ate, the old man said, “Because of your kind heart, go to that tree over there and cut it down. You will find a special gift inside.”

Dummling followed the instructions and found a goose with feathers of pure gold. “What a marvelous goose!” he exclaimed.

He decided to go to the inn for the night. The innkeeper’s daughter saw the goose and thought, “Those golden feathers must be worth a fortune!” When she tried to pluck a feather, her hand stuck to the goose.

Her sister came and tugged on her, but she too got stuck. Then the third sister joined, and she stuck as well.

The next morning, Dummling set off with the goose and the three sisters. Along the way, more people touched them and became part of the procession.

Eventually, they reached the city where a king lived with his daughter who had never laughed. Seeing the ridiculous parade, she burst into laughter.

The king, seeing his daughter’s joy, exclaimed, “Whoever caused my daughter to laugh shall marry her!” But first, Dummling asked the old man to release everyone from the goose.

And so Dummling marries the princess. His kindness and generosity bring him unexpected joy and fortune living happily ever after.

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Follow Up Questions

Here are three engaging follow-up questions about the story of “The Golden Goose” to ask children:

Why do you think everyone got stuck to the golden goose when they tried to touch it?

How would you feel if you saw a parade like Dummling’s in your town, and what would you do?

If you had a golden goose, what would you do with it, and why?

These questions are designed to enhance children’s understanding and enjoyment of the story, while also encouraging them to think critically and creatively.

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