The Mother & the Wolf


The Mother & the Wolf Moral Story” serves as a timeless reminder of the importance of trust and caution. This captivating tale, rich in lessons, resonates with readers both young and old.

Dive into a narrative where a mother’s wisdom clashes with cunning deception. Discover why generations have turned to this story to teach the value of discerning true intentions.

In a small village nestled between dense woods and rolling hills, there was a humble cottage. Inside this cottage, a mother cradled her newborn, singing softly to lull the baby to sleep.

Outside, a shadow loomed – it was a hungry wolf, drawn by the sweet scent of warmth and life.

“Please, kind lady,” the wolf called out in a voice dripping with false concern, “it’s cold out here. May I come in and warm myself by your fire?”

The mother, wise and cautious, looked through her window and replied, “I know of your reputation, wolf. Why should I trust you near my child?”

The wolf, feigning hurt, said, “I am a changed beast, dear lady. The cold has humbled me. I promise, no harm will come to your precious child.”

The mother contemplated the wolf’s plea. “I’ll make you a deal,” she began, “you may sit by the fire outside my door, and I’ll give you some food. But you’ll not step inside my home.”

The wolf, seeing an opportunity, agreed eagerly. The mother placed some food and wood outside her door. The wolf, after finishing the meal, felt the warmth of the fire and yearned for more.

The night deepened, and the wolf’s true nature surfaced. He inched closer to the door, trying to push it open with his snout. The mother, ever watchful, caught him in the act. “You may have changed your words, wolf,” she declared, “but your intentions remain the same.”

Chastised and defeated, the wolf slunk back into the shadows of the forest.

Moral of the Story

Actions reveal true intentions, no matter how sweet the words.

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