The New Year’s Breakfast Gift


This feel-good short story is a retelling of Cousin Tribulation’s Story written by Louisa May Alcott, best known for her classic novel Little Women.

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Hey Merrys, I’ve got a New Year’s story for you from when I was little. Guess what I had for breakfast? Just dry bread and an apple. And here’s why – it’s all true.

One New Year’s morning, my siblings and I, all neat and clean, went down for breakfast and only found Dad there.

“Happy New Year, Dad! Where’s Mom?” we asked.

“A boy came by, said his family was starving, so Mom went to help. Oh, she’s back,” Dad replied.

Mom came in, looking a bit sad and really excited. “Hold on, kids, listen before you eat,” she said. We all waited, staring at our untouched breakfast.

“Just nearby, there’s a poor family. The mom just had a baby. Six kids are trying to stay warm in one bed; they’ve got no heat and nothing to eat. Their oldest came to ask for help. How about giving them your breakfast as a New Year’s gift?”

We were quiet for a moment. The hot porridge and fresh bread were tempting – we always had a simple, healthy breakfast.

“I wish I’d eaten already,” I thought selfishly, feeling really hungry.

“I’m glad we didn’t start eating,” said Nan, always positive.

“Can I help take the food to them?” Beth asked. She was always so kind-hearted.

“I’ll bring the syrup,” May chimed in, proud to offer her favorite thing.

“I’ll carry all the porridge,” I said, feeling bad about my first reaction.

“Get ready, you can help me. We’ll eat when we’re back,” Mom said, packing up our food.

We quickly got ready and set off. Dad carried wood and coal; Mom had clothes and tea; Nan and I had the porridge and milk; Beth brought meat; May had the syrup; and our helper, Betsey, had potatoes and meal. We went through quieter streets, so hardly anyone saw our odd procession.

The family’s place was really run-down. As we walked in, they were so surprised and happy.

“God sent angels to us!” the mother cried, tearfully happy.

“We’re funny-looking angels,” I joked, and everyone laughed.

We got to work. In no time, it looked way better. Dad fixed the window and made a fire. Mom warmed up the kids and the mother. We all helped feed them.

They kept thanking us and were so happy to eat and be warm. We’d never been called “angels” before. It felt really nice, especially for me, who wasn’t always the nicest kid.

It was so much fun helping out. Dad was feeding the littlest kid, Mom cared for the baby, and Betsey comforted the mother. We all chatted and laughed with the family, trying to understand their broken English.

It was the best breakfast we ever ate. When we left, they were all cozy, and we promised to come back with more help. That day, just having bread and an apple felt okay.

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Follow Up Questions

Why did the family decide to give away their breakfast?
How do you think the family felt after helping their neighbors?
What would you do if you were in a similar situation?

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