The Owl and The Grasshopper


In the shade of an old oak tree, Mr. Owl sat perched on a branch, eyes half-closed, trying to get a little rest during the day. Below him, in the tall green grass, Mr. Grasshopper was jumping around, singing a merry tune.

“Hey, Mr. Owl!” chirped Mr. Grasshopper, “Why are you so gloomy and silent? Why don’t you come down and dance with me?”

Mr. Owl, slowly opening his big round eyes, replied, “I stay awake all night, watching and hunting. Daytime is when I rest.”

But Mr. Grasshopper didn’t listen. He continued to sing louder, his tune teasing and playful. “Wakey, wakey, Mr. Owl! See the sun, feel the breeze!”

Mr. Owl grew agitated. “Mr. Grasshopper, while I admire your spirit, everyone has their time. Night is mine, and day is yours.”

Still, Mr. Grasshopper laughed and played. “The world is too big, too full of joy to sleep through it,” he chirped.

One day, as winter approached, food became scarce. Mr. Grasshopper, with no food and no preparations, found himself cold and hungry. He looked up and saw Mr. Owl, with his feathers puffed, sitting snugly on his branch, with a few mice stored for food.

“Mr. Owl,” called Mr. Grasshopper weakly, “might you share a morsel?”

Mr. Owl looked down, his eyes softening. “Mr. Grasshopper, had you prepared for the hard times as I did, you would not be in this plight.”

Mr. Grasshopper, realizing his folly, nodded in understanding.

Moral of the Story

It’s essential to prepare for the future and not just live in the present.

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