The Robber Bridegroom Fairy Tale


“The Robber Bridegroom” is a gripping tale from the Brothers Grimm. This fairy tale with its themes of deceit, danger, and a blood-stained room, is more suitable for older children, typically around the ages of 9 to 12 years old.

This age group is more capable of processing and understanding the darker and more complex elements of the story without being overly frightened or disturbed. It’s important to consider the individual child’s maturity and sensitivity to such themes, as some might find the story too intense or scary.

For younger children, it’s advisable to choose fairy tales with lighter themes.

Here is a short retelling of the story:

Once in a bygone kingdom, a miller betrothed his daughter to a man she had never met. The man seemed prosperous but had a mysterious air about him. “Father, I feel uneasy,” the daughter confessed. “I know so little about him.”

“Meet him and know him better, my child,” her father encouraged.

Reluctantly, the daughter visited her fiancé. “Where do you live?” she asked. “I would like to see your home.”

“Very well,” he replied, a sly smile on his lips. “Follow this trail through the forest. You’ll find my house there.”

As she followed the path, a strange feeling grew within her. Birds sang a warning, “Turn back, turn back, young maiden, for a murderer’s den lies ahead!”

She reached a solitary house, eerily quiet. Inside, she discovered a horrifying sight – a room splattered with blood. A chill ran down her spine.

A voice whispered from a dark corner, “I was to be his bride, like you, but now I am trapped. He’s a robber, and you’ll be his next victim!”

The daughter, trembling, hid a gold ring in the room as evidence. She fled and told her father everything. “We must stop this fiend,” he declared.

The wedding day arrived. Guests gathered, and the robber bridegroom beamed with deceitful charm. As the celebrations commenced, the daughter was asked to share a story.

“Let me tell you a tale,” she began, her voice steady but eyes filled with accusation. “A tale of a house deep in the forest.”

As she narrated her grim discovery, the guests listened, horrified. When she revealed the gold ring, the truth was undeniable.

The bridegroom’s face turned ghostly pale. The guests seized him, and justice swiftly followed.

From that day on, the daughter lived freely, her heart unburdened, knowing she had escaped a terrible fate and had brought a wicked man to justice.

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Follow Up Questions

Here are three simple questions you can ask about “The Robber Bridegroom”:

What did the birds warn the miller’s daughter about in the forest? This question helps recall the ominous warning she received on her way to the robber’s house.

What did the daughter find in the robber’s house that scared her? This encourages children to remember the key discovery that revealed the true nature of the robber.

How did the daughter expose the robber at their wedding? This question focuses on the climax of the story, where the daughter cleverly reveals the truth about her fiancé.

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