The Seasons of Life

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A long long time ago, there was a wise man who had four children. Hoping to teach his upsprings a lesson about perspective, he presented them with a unique task.

“I’d like each of you to visit the same apple tree, but during different seasons,” the elder proposed.

The apple tree was in a meadow far enough so only the son who visited the apple tree could see it.

Intrigued, the children agreed.

When winter wrapped the village in its icy grasp, the eldest son visited the tree. Returning, he said, “The tree looks bare with twisted branches.”

When spring arrived, the second child went and returned gleaming, “The tree’s bursting with young buds. It’s starting to come back to life or grow again!”

Summer saw the third child observing, “The tree is full of flowers and smells sweet.”

In the fall, the youngest son declared after his visit, “The tree is filled with lots of fruit, showing nature’s abundance”.

The wise man, gathering his children, reflected, “All of you looked at the same tree yet described it in contrasting ways, for each of you beheld a unique season.”

The children exchanged glances, their individual experiences vivid in their minds.

The elder imparted his wisdom, “In life, refrain from judging anything or anyone by a single moment. Experience the full circle of seasons to gain true understanding.”

Moral of The Story

Don’t let tough times in one season take away the happiness of others. Don’t base life on one hard period. Keep pushing through the challenges, and better days will come.

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