Goodnight, My Sunshine


As the day softly fades into night,
And stars above begin to light,
I whisper gently, “Time for sleep,”
In dreams, my love for you runs deep.

Your eyes close with a tender sigh,
Beneath the blanket of the sky.
I stroke your hair, so soft and fine,
And say, “Goodnight, my sweet sunshine.”

Your laughter echoes in my heart,
A melody that won’t depart.
In your dreams, may you find peace,
A world where love will never cease.

I watch you drift to slumber’s shore,
Each breath you take, I adore.
Wrapped in moonbeams, calm and bright,
I wish you the sweetest dreams tonight.

Though night has come, don’t be afraid,
My love for you will never fade.
I’ll be here, always near,
To chase away your every fear.

So close your eyes, my precious one,
The day is done, your dreams begun.
With every star that shines so fine,
Remember, I love you, my sunshine.

Sleep well, my dear, rest in delight,
Tomorrow brings a new day’s light.
But for now, in dreams, combine,
My endless love, my sweet sunshine.

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