Myrrha: The Princess Who Became a Tree


Once upon a time, in the ancient kingdom of Cyprus, there was a beautiful princess named Myrrha. Myrrha was known far and wide for her kindness and her enchanting beauty. Her mother, Queen Cenchreis, was so proud of her that she boasted, “My daughter Myrrha is even more beautiful than the goddess Aphrodite!”

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, overheard this and felt offended. “No one should claim to be more beautiful than a goddess,” she thought. So, Aphrodite decided to teach the queen a lesson by casting a spell on Myrrha.

One night, Myrrha was walking in the royal garden when a strange feeling came over her. “What is happening to me?” she wondered. The spell caused her to fall in love with her own father, King Cinyras, a love that was against nature and very confusing for Myrrha.

Desperate and confused, Myrrha confided in her loyal nurse. “Nurse, I have this strange feeling that I cannot explain. Can you help me?” she asked with tears in her eyes.

The nurse, seeing Myrrha’s distress, devised a plan. She tricked King Cinyras into thinking he was meeting another woman in the dark, but it was actually Myrrha. For several nights, this continued until one evening, the king discovered the truth. “Myrrha! How could this be?” he exclaimed in horror.

Realizing what had happened, King Cinyras was filled with anger and sadness. Myrrha, terrified and heartbroken, ran away into the forest, praying to the gods to save her. “Please, gods, help me escape this curse!” she cried.

The gods, hearing her plea, decided to help. In a swirl of magic, they transformed Myrrha into a myrrh tree. “You shall be safe in this form, Myrrha,” they said. As a tree, Myrrha could not be harmed, and she would live on, her tears turning into sweet-smelling resin that people would use for perfumes and incense.

Years passed, and one day, the myrrh tree split open, revealing a beautiful baby boy. This baby was Adonis, the son of Myrrha. The tree had protected him and kept him safe until he was ready to enter the world.

Aphrodite, the goddess who had started this tale with her spell, saw the baby and was moved by his beauty. “This child is special,” she whispered, and she took him under her care.

Thus, the story of Myrrha, the princess who became a tree, reminds us of the power of love, forgiveness, and transformation. From her tears came a beautiful boy, Adonis, who would grow up to bring joy and beauty to the world.

And that’s the magical story of Myrrha, a tale of love, transformation, and the wonders of the ancient world.

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Follow Up Questions

How do you think Myrrha felt when she was turned into a tree?
Why do you think Aphrodite decided to take care of baby Adonis?
What do you think is the most magical part of Myrrha’s story?

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