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Once upon a time in ancient Greece, there lived a young and incredibly handsome prince named Hyacinthus. He was known far and wide for his cheerful spirit and kind heart.

In the glittering realm of the gods, Apollo, the god of the sun, music, and poetry, heard tales of Hyacinthus. Intrigued, Apollo descended from Mount Olympus to meet this prince.

As they met, Apollo was struck by Hyacinthus’ charm and grace. They soon became the best of friends, spending their days together enjoying various activities. Apollo taught Hyacinthus the art of archery, and how to play the lyre, and they often competed in friendly games.

One sunny day, Apollo and Hyacinthus decided to have a discus-throwing competition. Apollo, with his godly strength, went first. The discus soared high and far, glittering in the sun’s rays.

“It’s your turn, Hyacinthus! Let’s see how far you can throw!” encouraged Apollo.

Excitedly, Hyacinthus picked up the discus. He took a deep breath, concentrated, and threw it with all his might. However, the discus veered off course, bouncing off the ground and striking Hyacinthus.

Apollo rushed over, his heart filled with dread. “Hyacinthus, my dear friend, please be alright!” he exclaimed.

But it was too late. Hyacinthus was gravely injured. Apollo tried to use his divine powers to heal him, but even a god’s power has its limits.

As Hyacinthus lay fading, Apollo said tearfully, “You will always be remembered, my dear friend. I’ll ensure that your name lives on forever.”

With those words, a beautiful flower sprouted from where Hyacinthus lay. Apollo named it the ‘Hyacinth’, in honor of his friend.

Every year, when the hyacinths bloom, they remind the world of the friendship and love between Hyacinthus and Apollo, a tale of companionship that transcended the boundaries of mortals and gods.

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Follow Up Questions

  • How do you think Apollo felt when Hyacinthus was hurt, and why?
  • What do you think is the most important lesson from the story of Hyacinthus and Apollo?
  • If you could ask Hyacinthus or Apollo one question, what would it be and why?

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