Jimmy Fly Fly!!


In a small town, not far away,
Lived young Jimmy, who’d often say,
“I wish I could fly high in the sky,
But the thought alone makes me shy.”

His friends would soar in planes so high,
Watching the world go by, oh my!
But Jimmy would shake his head and sigh,
“I’m just too scared to fly.”

Then one sunny day, a fair came to town,
With a hot air balloon, big and round.
“Come fly with us!” his friends cried with glee,
“It’s fun, not scary, you’ll soon see!”

Jimmy’s knees wobbled, his heart raced fast,
But his desire to fly held him steadfast.
He took a deep breath and with a little try,
Stepped into the basket, ready to fly.

Up, up, up, the balloon gently rose,
Jimmy’s fear melted away, it no longer froze.
He saw fields of green and rivers that wind,
“Look at the world I almost left behind!”

Higher and higher, above the trees,
Jimmy felt brave, completely at ease.
With birds he soared, in the sky so blue,
Discovering a world he never knew.

When the balloon landed, his feet on the ground,
Jimmy’s heart danced with the joy he found.
“Let’s fly again!” he shouted with delight,
“For now, I know there’s nothing to fright.”

From that day on, Jimmy loved to fly,
In planes, in balloons, up high in the sky.
And whenever he’d see a friend in doubt,
He’d say, “Let’s fly! That’s what life’s about!”

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