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The story of Old Mother Frost (also known as “Mother Holle” or “Frau Holle”) is a well-known fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm. It centers around two sisters with contrasting personalities: one is kind and hardworking, while the other is lazy and spiteful. This is my retell, enjoy!

Once upon a time, in a quaint village nestled between verdant hills and crystal-clear streams, lived two sisters with their mother.

The elder sister, Anna, was as kind and diligent as she was beautiful, with hair as golden as the sun.

The younger sister, Elsie, was the very opposite, spoiled and lazy, yet she was her mother’s favorite.

Every day, Anna worked tirelessly, spinning wool beside the well, while Elsie idled away her time.

One fateful day, as Anna sat spinning, her spindle slipped from her fingers and fell into the well. Fearful of her mother’s wrath, Anna leaned over the edge to retrieve it but tumbled in.

Instead of finding darkness, she landed in a marvelous meadow, bathed in sunlight and dotted with flowers of every hue.

As she wandered, she came upon a magnificent oven full of bread. The bread spoke, “Oh, take us out! Take us out! We are baked enough and will soon burn!” With a heart as warm as the hearth, Anna donned the oven gloves lying nearby and carefully took out the loaves.

“Thank you, kind maiden,” the oven sighed in relief, its coals dimming to a gentle glow. “Your kindness will not be forgotten.”

Further on, she met a large apple tree groaning under the weight of its fruit. “Oh, shake us down! Shake us down! We are all ripe!” it pleaded.

Anna obliged, gathering the apples in her apron, leaving none behind.

“As you have cared for me, so shall you be cared for,” the tree whispered, its branches rustling softly as if in gratitude.

At last, she arrived at a small, curious cottage, home to none other than Old Mother Frost herself. The old woman, with her hair as white as snow and eyes twinkling like stars, greeted her. “If you serve me well and keep my house in order, great fortune shall be yours. But beware, you must shake my bed with vigor, for it brings snow upon the world,” she warned.

“I understand, and I will do my best to serve you well,” Anna promised, her voice steady and sincere.

Anna agreed and served Old Mother Frost with dedication, never faltering in her tasks. True to her word, the old woman bestowed upon Anna a reward unlike any other.

One morning, as Anna shook the feather bed, a shower of gold coins fell upon her, clinging to her clothes and filling her pockets. “You have served me well, and now it is time for you to return to your world,” Old Mother Frost said, opening a portal back to her home.

When Anna stepped through, she was greeted not just by the familiar sights of her village but by a shower of golden coins that followed her, marking her path. Her mother and sister gaped in awe as Anna recounted her incredible journey.

“Is this truly the reward for your service?” her mother asked, eyes wide with astonishment.

“Yes, for kindness and hard work are valued above all else,” Anna replied, her smile as bright as the treasures she brought home.

Blinded by greed, Elsie decided to seek Old Mother Frost for herself. However, her journey was marked by selfishness; she ignored the pleas of the bread and the apples, and served Old Mother Frost poorly, neglecting her tasks and duties.

As punishment, instead of gold, when Elsie shook the feather bed, a cascade of pitch black tar spilled over her, sticking to her skin and clothes, a mark of her laziness and greed.

“You have learned nothing of kindness or toil,” Old Mother Frost’s voice echoed around Elsie as she stood, tar-soaked and dismayed.

And so, the tale of Old Mother Frost teaches us that kindness, diligence, and a warm heart lead to the most magical of rewards, while greed and laziness find their own dark recompense.

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Follow Up Questions

What did Anna do when she found the oven and the apple tree in need of help, and why do you think it was important?
How were Anna and Elsie different in the way they treated others and their tasks?
What do you think is the lesson of the story, and how can we apply it in our daily lives?

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2 thoughts on “Old Mother Frost Story”

  1. I love your stories they are sweet and short! I was wondering if I could have your permission to read your books out loud on twitch. This may be an odd request but I have a few viewers that ask if I could read to them and I would like to gain your permission and be sure to link to your page when I read them if you give the ok .♥

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Of course you can read my stories out loud on Twitch, go for it! I would love to hear you, so make sure to link to the story. I really appreciate your feedback.


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