Pinocchio Bedtime Story

Pinocchio Bedtime Story Audio

In a small Italian village, an old woodcarver named Geppetto crafted a wooden puppet named Pinocchio. “You’ll be my little boy,” Geppetto smiled, painting a cheerful face on the puppet.

That night, a kind Fairy visited the workshop. Seeing Geppetto’s wish for a son, she touched Pinocchio with her wand, and he came to life! “Wow, I can move and talk!” exclaimed Pinocchio, amazed at his moving joints.

The Fairy warned, “You’ll become a real boy if you’re brave, truthful, and unselfish. But remember, every lie you tell will make your nose grow longer.”

Pinocchio, eager to explore, set off on his first day to school. Along the way, he met a cunning Fox and Cat, who tricked him. “Come with us to the Field of Miracles, and your coins will multiply,” they lied.

Pinocchio, naive and curious, followed them, but soon found himself in trouble. “I shouldn’t have ignored Geppetto’s advice,” he lamented as he was swindled of his coins.

Returning home, he lied to the Fairy about losing his coins. Instantly, his nose grew long! “I’m sorry, I lied,” Pinocchio cried. The Fairy forgave him, and his nose returned to normal.

Despite his troubles, Pinocchio continued to face challenges. He was lured into performing in a puppet show, where he dazzled the audience. “I want to go home to Geppetto,” Pinocchio pleaded to the puppet master.

Later, he learned that Geppetto had been swallowed by a giant whale while searching for him at sea. Bravely, Pinocchio dived into the ocean, finding Geppetto inside the whale. “Father, I’m here to save you!” he declared.

Together, they planned their escape. Pinocchio suggested, “Let’s make the whale sneeze!” They built a fire, and the smoke tickled the whale’s nose. With a mighty sneeze, they were both expelled from the whale.

Through his adventures, Pinocchio learned to be brave, truthful, and selfless. The Fairy, seeing his changed heart, transformed him into a real boy. “You’ve proven yourself worthy,” she said.

Geppetto hugged Pinocchio, overjoyed. “My son, you’ve returned to me, and you’re real!”

From that day on, Pinocchio lived happily with Geppetto, always remembering the lessons he learned during his extraordinary journey.

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Follow Up Questions

  • What special wish did Geppetto have that the Fairy made come true?
  • What happened to Pinocchio’s nose when he told a lie?
  • How did Pinocchio finally become a real boy?

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