The Steadfast Tin Soldier Bedtime Story


Once upon a time, in a world where toys came to life when humans weren’t looking, there was a brave little tin soldier. He was unique because he was made with just one leg, but he stood as proud and tall as the other twenty-four soldiers in his set.

On his first night in the nursery, the tin soldier’s eyes met those of a beautiful paper ballerina. She stood on one leg, just like him, and he instantly fell in love with her grace and poise. “She’s just like me,” he thought, “and I will do anything to be near her.”

But fate had a different plan. A goblin in a toy box, envious of the soldier’s admiration for the ballerina, warned, “Keep your eyes to yourself!” But the soldier, true to his feelings, continued to gaze at her.

The next day, a curious sequence of events led the tin soldier to fall from a window and land in the street. As the rain poured down, two boys found him and set him afloat in a paper boat. The soldier thought of the ballerina as he sailed through the stormy gutters, “If only I could see her one more time.”

His journey was perilous. He braved a rat who demanded a toll and navigated swirling waters, all the while standing steadfast and undeterred. Eventually, the boat sank, and the soldier was swallowed by a fish.

Miraculously, the fish was caught and brought to the house where the tin soldier lived. When the cook cut open the fish, to everyone’s surprise, out came the tin soldier! He was placed back in the nursery, where he saw his beloved ballerina still standing on one leg.

But tragedy struck. A child flung the soldier into the fireplace. As he melted from the heat, the soldier remained brave and steadfast, his thoughts with the ballerina. A gust of wind blew her into the fire with him, and she burst into flames.

In the morning, the maid found a heart-shaped lump of tin in the ashes. The steadfast tin soldier and his beloved ballerina were united at last, even in their tragic end.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen is a story of unwavering love, bravery, and fate. It teaches us about staying true to ourselves and our feelings, no matter where life’s currents might take us.

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Follow Up Questions

Why do you think the Tin Soldier remained steadfast and brave throughout his adventures? This question helps kids think about the qualities of bravery and perseverance.

How did the Tin Soldier feel about the Paper Ballerina, and why? This encourages children to explore the themes of love and admiration in the story.

What do you think the ending of the story teaches us? This question prompts children to consider the story’s conclusion and what lessons it might offer about destiny, courage, or resilience.

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