Poppy’s Sleepy Serenade


In a meadow so green, where the moon smiled bright, lived a flower named Poppy and was getting ready for the night.

As the sun dipped low and the stars took flight, Poppy prepared for her dreams of flight. With petals of crimson and a heart full of glee, Poppy gathered her treasures ‘neath the moonlit tree.

Her blanket of dewdrops, so cool and clear, and a soft lullaby whispered in her ear.

“Goodnight, Luna,” she’d sing, a gentle refrain as the moon’s glow shimmered, free from all pain. A silver serenade, a melody so sweet, guiding her dreams as they danced to the beat.

Beside her, a friend, a twinkling firefly, Casting a soft, golden light to the sky. Poppy would whisper, “Goodnight, dear friend,
Your glow will lead me, my slumber, to tend.”

On the wings of a breeze, so gentle and light, Poppy would journey through the night. Stars twinkling above, like diamonds in space, Their embrace wrapped around her, a dreamy embrace.

Back in her meadow, where dreams intertwine, With the firefly’s twinkle, a magical sign, “Goodnight, dear Luna. Goodnight, firefly’s beam, Goodnight, stars, in my dreams, you’ll gleam.”

In the hush of the night, Poppy would sigh as the meadow embraced her with a lullaby. Dreams woven like petals, soft and serene,
Guided by Luna, in her dreams, Poppy’s queen.

And so, in the moon’s tender, silvery stream, Poppy would slumber in a world full of dreams. With the moon and fireflies, a sweet, calming theme, Poppy would rest, lost in her sleepy night’s dream.

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