Twinkling Dreams


In a cottage snug beneath the skies so high lived little Benny, a bear with a sigh.

As the moon climbed, oh so high and grand, Benny would embark on a dreamy land.

With Teddy and Luna, his toys by his side, he’d get them all comfy, nowhere to hide.

Tucked in a corner, so cozy and tight, they awaited the start of the magical night.

Benny’s window faced the open air, and stars were twinkling like diamonds beyond compare.

He’d name them with joy, each one with a flair: Sparkle, Glitter, Wish — his bedtime prayer.

Then off he’d go on a cloud of silver sheen, imagining stars, a sight to be seen.

“Goodnight, Sparkle,” he’d whisper, eyes closed so tight, “Sweet dreams, Glitter,” he’d say;

oh, what a sight!

On the wings of his dreams, Benny would ride among the stars with Luna by his side.

The breeze of the night, a touch so sweet, a journey of wonder, a dream complete.

Back in his cottage, with Teddy so dear, and Luna’s soft glow, so calming and clear, “Goodnight, Teddy.

Goodnight, Luna, my light, Goodnight, stars, shining through the night.”

In the quiet of the night, Benny would dream a world as enchanting as it may seem.

With twinkling stars, his heart took flight into the realm of dreams, so pure and bright.

So Benny would slumber in a tranquil embrace as stars kept watch with a smile on their face.

Dreams as magical as the stars’ gentle gleams, he’d drift off to sleep, lost in his twinkling dreams.

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