Terry Fox’s Incredible Journey


Once upon a time, in a land of maple trees and snowy winters, there lived a brave and determined young boy named Terry Fox. Terry was like any other kid who loved to play games, run in the park, and dream big dreams.

But one day, Terry received some very sad news. He got sick with a sickness called cancer, and the doctors had to take one of his legs to make him better. Terry was very brave, and even though he had lost his leg, he didn’t lose his spirit.

Terry was sad to see so many people suffering from cancer, and he wanted to help. He had a big dream – he wanted to run across all of Canada, from one end to the other, to raise money for cancer research. This was a big dream because running was hard for Terry now with only one leg, but he believed he could do it.

With a heart full of courage, Terry Fox started his “Marathon of Hope.” He began running on the eastern coast of Canada and started heading west. He hopped on one leg, and his journey was tough, but he never gave up. People from all over Canada heard about Terry’s adventure, and they were inspired by his bravery.

Terry ran a whole marathon every single day, even when he felt tired and sore. People came from near and far to cheer him on, and they gave money to help with cancer research. Terry’s determination touched everyone’s hearts.

But, sadly, Terry had to stop running before he could finish his journey because his cancer came back. Even though he couldn’t complete his run, he had already made a big difference.

People all over Canada and around the world donated lots of money for cancer research because of Terry’s dream. Even though he couldn’t finish, his dream lived on, and he showed everyone that even a young boy with a big heart could make the world a better place.

Now, my dear little one, close your eyes and imagine a sky full of stars. Each star represents a dream, just like Terry’s. And remember, no matter how big or small your dream is, with courage and determination, you can make it come true, just like Terry Fox did. Goodnight, little dreamer. Sleep tight and dream big dreams.

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