The Crow and the Pitcher


In a sun-soaked meadow, a thirsty crow spots a pitcher with water at the bottom, but its beak cannot reach it. Faced with a challenge, the crow devises a clever plan.

The Crow’s Thirst

Crow: (Cawing) I’m so thirsty. But that water is too far down.

The crow eyes the water at the bottom of the pitcher.

The Crow’s Idea

An idea forms in the crow’s mind.

Crow: (Eager) I can solve this!

The crow searches for pebbles and collects them one by one.

Crow: (Dropping pebbles) Each pebble should bring the water closer.

The Crow Quenches Its Thirst

As the crow drops more pebbles, the water level rises.

Crow: (Cawing happily) It’s working!

The crow drinks the water and flies away, satisfied and refreshed.

Crow: (Content) Cleverness and persistence pay off.

The crow’s ingenuity and determination allowed it to overcome the challenge of reaching the water at the bottom of the pitcher.

The fable’s moral resonates, reminding us that creative problem-solving and perseverance can lead to success even when faced with difficult situations.

Moral of the Story

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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