The Fox and The Stork


Read and discover ‘The Fox & the Stork moral story.’ Aesop’s age-old tales always have a twist, and this one’s no exception. Delve into a story of wit, fairness, and clever comebacks. As the tale unfolds, its message remains strikingly relevant today. Ready for a journey through classic fables? Enjoy!

In a sunny meadow, Fox invited Stork to dine with him, having heard of Stork’s excellent taste in food. Excited to share, Fox served soup on a flat plate.

“Come, Stork, enjoy this delicious soup I’ve made,” said Fox slyly.

Stork peered at the plate, her long beak unable to sip the soup. “It looks wonderful, but I seem to have trouble enjoying it,” she said politely, hiding her frustration.

Seeing Stork’s predicament and sipping easily from his plate, Fox grinned, “I thought you had great dining finesse.”

Stork nodded and invited Fox to dine with her the following evening. When Fox arrived, Stork served food in a long-necked jar, easy for her to access but impossible for Fox.

“Taste the delicious meal I’ve prepared!” Stork exclaimed, watching as Fox tried in vain to reach the food inside.

Fox realized his folly. “I see what you did,” he admitted sheepishly.

Stork replied, “Always treat others as you wish to be treated.”

Moral of the Story

One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated.

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