The Galoshes of Fortune Bedtime Story


In a bustling Danish city, a club of intellectuals gathered for an evening of discussion. Among the guests was the Mysterious Man in Grey, a wizard in disguise, who brought a pair of magical galoshes. Unbeknownst to the others, these galoshes had the power to transport their wearer to any place or time they wished for.

As the night progressed, the guests discussed various eras and places they would like to visit. After they dispersed, the galoshes were mistakenly left behind, and the night watchman, finding them, decided to try them on.

“I wish I could escape this dreary city life and experience the peaceful countryside,” the watchman sighed, feeling weary of his urban surroundings. To his astonishment, he suddenly found himself in a lush meadow under the open sky. “Oh, what a miraculous change! The serenity of nature is truly a balm to the soul,” he exclaimed joyously, taking in the fresh air and starry sky.

However, as the night grew colder and loneliness set in, he longed to return to the city. Instantly, he was back at his post, puzzled and awestruck by the experience.

The next day, the galoshes came into the possession of a clerk, who yearned for historical grandeur. “Oh, to experience the glory of ancient Rome and its illustrious emperors!” he mused. In a blink, he found himself amidst Roman senators and majestic architecture. “This is extraordinary! The heart of Rome in its prime!” he gasped in amazement.

But the clerk’s wonder turned to fear as he faced the perils of ancient Rome. Desperate to return to his own time, his wish was promptly granted by the galoshes.

Each person who donned the galoshes found themselves living out their fantasies, only to confront the reality that their dreams were not as ideal as they imagined. A poet, desiring a life filled with passion, found himself overwhelmed by the emotional turmoil. A lieutenant, wishing for military glory, was terrified by the horrors of war.

Finally, the galoshes ended up with a child who wished nothing more than to visit a duck pond. His innocent joy at this simple pleasure contrasted sharply with the discontent of the adults who had worn the galoshes.

In the end, the Mysterious Man in Grey returned, retrieving the galoshes and reflecting on the human tendency to be discontented with their lot in life.

Moral of The Story

The moral of the story was clear: true happiness often lies in appreciating what we already have, rather than in longing for what we do not.

Thus, “The Galoshes of Fortune” teaches a valuable lesson about contentment and the dangers of wishful thinking, all wrapped up in a series of enchanting and whimsical adventures.

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Follow Up Questions

Here are three simple questions you could ask kids about the story The Galoshes of Fortune:

  • What magical power did the galoshes have in the story?
  • Can you name one place or time someone went to using the galoshes?
  • What did the characters in the story learn from their experiences with the galoshes?

These questions are designed to help children recall key details of the story and understand its moral lessons.

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