The Giving Tree Short Bedtime Story

The Living Tree Story with audio

In a lush, green meadow stood a tall tree with wide branches and a generous heart. She loved a little boy who came to visit her every day. The boy would climb her trunk, swing from her branches, and eat her delicious apples.

“Tree, I love playing here,” the boy would say, his laughter filling the air.

“And I love having you here,” the tree would reply, her leaves rustling with joy.

As time passed, the boy grew older and visited less often, but the tree waited patiently. One day, the boy, now a teenager, returned looking thoughtful.

“Tree, I need money. Can you give me some?” he asked.

The tree, always eager to help, replied, “I don’t have money, but you can pick my apples and sell them. That should help.”

The boy smiled, “Thank you, Tree!” and he did just that.

Years went by, and the boy, now a man, came back with another request. “Tree, I want to build a house. Can you help me?”

“Of course,” the tree said. “Take my branches. They will make a fine house.” So the man cut her branches and built his house.

Time marched on, and the boy, now middle-aged, returned again. “Tree, I need a boat to sail away and find peace.”

“Use my trunk,” the tree offered, hiding her sadness. “It will make a sturdy boat.” And so the man cut her trunk and made a boat, sailing away.

Years later, an old man returned to the tree, who was now just a stump. “I am tired, Tree. I need a place to rest,” he said wearily.

The tree, even in her diminished state, replied with love, “Well, an old stump is good for sitting and resting. Come, sit down and rest.”

The old man sat down, and the tree was happy.

Throughout their lives, the tree gave everything she had to the boy she loved. And in the end, she was content, for she had fulfilled her purpose by giving all she could, out of love.

This touching story of “The Giving Tree” is a reminder of the beauty of selfless love and the joy found in giving to others, a lesson of generosity and unconditional care that resonates through the ages.

Moral of The Story

The moral of “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein is centered on the themes of selflessness, unconditional love, and the joy of giving. The tree in the story represents selfless love and generosity, as it continually gives everything it has to make the boy happy, even at the cost of its own well-being.

The story illustrates the beauty and fulfillment found in giving without expecting anything in return and highlights the importance of appreciating and reciprocating the love and sacrifices made by others. Additionally, it can also be interpreted as a reminder to be mindful of our demands on nature and the environment.

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Follow Up Questions

  • Why do you think the tree kept giving things to the boy even when it had little left for itself?
  • How do you think the tree felt each time the boy came back to ask for more?
  • If you were the boy in the story, what would you do for the tree to show your gratitude?

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