The Travelling Companion Story


Once upon a time, in a land of rolling hills and bustling towns, there lived a young man named John. His life, once filled with happiness, was shadowed by sorrow after his father’s death.

As he laid his father to rest, John decided to seek a new beginning. Packing his belongings, he ventured into the world. He wandered through forests and fields until he reached a large city, where a somber scene unfolded.

A funeral procession passed by, carrying the king’s daughter. She was strikingly beautiful, yet lifeless, cursed by a wicked sorcerer. John whispered to himself, “Such beauty and grace, yet fated to such a tragic end.” He couldn’t shake her image from his mind.

On his journey, John encountered an old woman in distress. “Kind sir, can you help me with these bundles?” she asked weakly. John didn’t hesitate and aided her. In gratitude, she handed him a magical purse. “This purse will always provide for you,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

The next day, John met a stranger, a wise and resourceful man who became his traveling companion. “I am without a destination. May I join you on your journey?” the stranger asked. Together, they embarked on many adventures, each more thrilling than the last.

One mysterious night, they found shelter in a church, where John saw the princess again, appearing as if asleep. His companion, revealing his magical powers, explained, “She is under a dark spell, but not beyond saving.”

Together, they set out to rescue her, facing formidable challenges. The companion, with a wave of his hand, conjured spells and defeated witches. “We’re close to the sorcerer’s castle,” he announced, holding a magical sword and a feather.

At the castle, the companion confronted the sorcerer. “Your reign of terror ends now!” he declared, clashing with the sorcerer in a fierce battle. With a final strike, he defeated the sorcerer, lifting the curse from the princess.

When the princess awoke, she looked at John with gratitude. “You have saved me from a fate most grim,” she said, her voice filled with relief. John, blushing, replied, “It was my honor, your highness.”

The princess, touched by John’s bravery, offered her hand in marriage. John, overjoyed, accepted. Then, the companion revealed his true identity. “I am the spirit of your father, returned to guide you to happiness.”

The kingdom celebrated their wedding with great joy. The princess and John lived a life full of love and happiness, always remembering the wise companion who had guided their fate.

And so, the tale of “The Travelling Companion” reminds us of the enduring power of friendship, bravery, and the magic that resides in helping others.

Follow Up Questions

What would you do if you were John? – This question encourages children to put themselves in the protagonist’s shoes, fostering empathy and critical thinking about the choices and challenges faced by the character.

What do you think is the most important lesson from this story? – Asking this allows children to reflect on the themes and morals of the story, such as friendship, bravery, and helping others, and to articulate what they’ve learned in their own words.

If you had a magical companion like John, what adventures would you like to go on? – This question sparks imagination and creativity, inviting children to dream up their own magical adventures and consider the qualities they would value in a loyal companion.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of The Travelling Companion is about the importance of kindness, bravery, and the unexpected rewards of helping others in need.

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