The Wild Boar And the Fox

In the heart of the dense woods, a wild boar sharpened his tusks against a tree. Every stroke was meticulous, every movement deliberate.

A fox, passing by, watched the boar with curiosity. “Why do you sharpen your tusks now?” he asked. “There’s no enemy in sight. The woods are peaceful today.”

The boar paused, looking at the fox. “True, the woods are calm now. But when danger arises, there won’t be time to prepare. My tusks need to be ready.”

The fox smirked, “Seems a waste of time to me. I’d rather enjoy the serenity.”

Not long after, a hunter’s horn echoed through the woods. The boar, with his sharp tusks, was ready. The fox, however, found himself unprepared and in peril.

Moral of the Story

Prepare for danger when times are calm. It’s better to be ready than caught off guard.

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