The North Wind and the Sun

In the vast sky, the North Wind and the Sun engage in a friendly debate over who possesses greater power. To settle their dispute, they decide to put their abilities to the test.

The Challenge Begins

North Wind: (Boasting) I am the strongest! Watch how I can make that traveller remove his coat.

Sun: (Calm) Let’s see whose approach is more effective.

The North Wind’s Attempt

The North Wind blows fiercely, attempting to force the traveller to remove his coat.

Traveller: (Clutching coat) This wind is too cold. I’ll hold onto my coat tighter.

The Sun’s Gentle Approach

The Sun takes its turn, casting a warm and gentle ray of light.

Traveller: (Smiling) This sunshine is so comforting. I don’t need my coat anymore.

The traveller removes his coat under the Sun’s warm influence.

North Wind: (Defeated) I see that your gentleness is more persuasive.

The Sun’s warmth proves more effective than the North Wind’s force.

Sun: (Reflective) Kindness and gentleness can achieve what strength cannot.

The North Wind and the Sun’s experiment settle their debate, showing that gentle persuasion often accomplishes more than brute force.

The fable’s moral resonates, reminding all that compassion and understanding can achieve outcomes that coercion cannot.

Moral of the Story

“Persuasion is better than force.”

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