The Boy Who Cried Wolf


In a peaceful village, a young shepherd boy watches over his flock of sheep. Seeking a bit of excitement, he devises a plan that would change his life forever.

A False Alarm

Boy: (Chuckling) Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is attacking the sheep!

Villagers: (Rushing) Quickly, we must save the sheep!

The villagers hurry to the field, only to find the boy laughing.

Villagers: (Annoyed) There is no wolf, boy. Stop your pranks!

The boy, intrigued by the villagers’ reaction, decides to try his trick again.

Boy: (Shouting) Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is back, and it’s even fiercer this time!

Villagers: (Running) We won’t let the wolf harm your sheep!

Once again, the villagers find no wolf and the boy giggling.

Villagers: (Angry) This is not a joke, boy. False alarms waste our time and energy!

A Real Threat

Days pass, and the boy grows bored. One afternoon, a genuine danger approaches the flock.

Boy: (Panicking) Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is attacking!

Villagers: (Skeptical) Is this another trick?

The villagers, reluctant to believe the boy, stay put.

Wolf: (Actually attacking) Grrr…

The wolf attacks the sheep, and the boy realizes his predicament.

Boy: (Desperate) Help! This time, it’s real!

He watches helplessly as the wolf scatters the sheep.

Facing the Consequences

After the wolf retreats, the villagers approach the boy with disappointment.

Villagers: (Disapproving) You’ve wasted our trust with your lies. We won’t believe you even when you speak the truth.

The boy’s repeated false alarms taught him a valuable lesson about honesty and the consequences of deceit. The village, once eager to help, now views him with skepticism.

The fable’s moral reverberates, reminding all that credibility is hard-earned and dishonesty erodes trust.

Moral of the Story

“A liar will not be believed, even when telling the truth.”

“The Boy Who Cried Wolf” portrays an enduring lesson about honesty.

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