The Princess on the Glass Hill Short Story


The Princess on the Glass Hill is a classic Norwegian fairy tale collected by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe. It’s a story of courage, cleverness, and the quest for true love. Here’s a short retelling of this enchanting tale,

In a kingdom far away, there was a farmer with three sons: the eldest, Magnus; the middle, Hans; and the youngest, Boots. One day, the king announced a challenge: whoever could ride up a glass hill and retrieve three golden apples from the princess would win her hand in marriage.

The two older brothers, confident and boastful, prepared for the challenge. Boots, curious but underestimated, asked, “May I try too, father?”

His brothers laughed. “You, Boots? You’d only embarrass us!” they jeered.

Undeterred, Boots wandered into the forest, where he had once been kind to an old man. This man, now revealing himself as a magical being, gifted Boots a magnificent horse and shining armor. “Ride this horse up the glass hill, and success will be yours,” he advised.

The day of the challenge arrived. Kings and princes tried and failed to climb the slippery hill. Then, a mysterious knight in shining armor appeared, riding gracefully up the hill and plucking the first golden apple.

The princess, intrigued, asked, “Who is that brave knight?”

No one knew. The next day, Boots, in his magical armor, appeared again and claimed the second apple. The kingdom was abuzz with wonder.

On the final day, Boots rode up the hill effortlessly and offered the third apple to the princess. “I have come for the challenge, and for you,” he declared.

The princess, impressed by his bravery and humility, smiled warmly. “What is your name, brave knight?”

Removing his helmet, Boots revealed himself. “I am Boots, the youngest son of a simple farmer, but my heart is true.”

The king, impressed by Boots’ courage and honesty, declared, “You have won the challenge and my daughter’s heart.”

Boots and the princess were married in a grand celebration. The kingdom rejoiced in their new prince, a man of humble origins but great valor.

“And so, my dear,” said Boots to the princess, “kindness and courage are the truest riches.”

The princess, holding his hand, replied, “And with your heart, we shall make our kingdom the happiest.”

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Follow Up Questions

Here are three follow-up questions for kids about The Princess on the Glass Hill:

How would you try to climb the glass hill if you were in the story?

What do you think makes Boots different from his brothers?

If you could talk to the magical being in the forest, what would you ask for?

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