The Princess with the Dragon’s Mark


Once upon a time, in a distant kingdom, there lived a wise king revered by his subjects as the greatest ruler they’d ever known. Yet, time was taking its toll on the king, and his beautiful queen, despite her efforts, could not bear an heir.

After years of imploring the magic realms in every corner of the earth, their prayers were answered with the birth of a radiant princess.

The entire kingdom, along with the fairies of the forests, mountains, and all magical creatures around the world, were summoned to celebrate the princess’s arrival. Joyous festivities ensued.

However, on the third day of celebration, the Air Fairy noticed something extraordinary: the princess was aglow, playfully conjuring small fireballs and bearing the mark of the dragon.

Alarmed, the Air Fairy revealed to the king and queen a startling prophecy: the princess bore the Mark of the Dragon. At the age of 15, she would either transform into a dragon or remain a princess, provided she won the heart of a brave and wise knight who could free her from this fate. Failing this, she was destined to become a fearsome dragon, ruling land and air with tyranny.

This revelation sent a shiver through the kingdom. The king urgently gathered all magical beings at the palace to devise a plan.

As the midnight bells tolled, they reached a solemn decision: to raise the princess as a commoner away from the palace, increasing her chances of meeting her destined knight.

The wise Forest Fairy was appointed her guardian. And so, the princess’s hidden life began, a tale of destiny woven in secrecy and hope.

In a small village nestled amidst verdant hills, the princess, unaware of her royal blood, grew up under the watchful eye of the Forest Fairy. Named Liana, she was beloved by the villagers for her kind heart and fiery spirit.

As Liana blossomed into a young woman, she remained oblivious to the prophecy that loomed over her destiny.

Meanwhile, in the kingdom, the king and queen yearned for their daughter but took solace in knowing her hidden life was for the greater good. They kept the secret, holding onto the hope that fate would be kind to their child.

One day, a young knight named Sir Eldric ventured into the village. He was on a quest to prove his valor and wisdom, unaware that his path would intertwine with Liana’s. Their first meeting was serendipitous, as Liana helped Eldric, who had become lost in the forest. There was an instant connection, a spark that neither could explain.

As days turned into weeks, Sir Eldric found himself visiting the village often, drawn to Liana’s vibrant spirit and innate kindness. They shared long walks in the forest, tales by the fire, and dreams under the stars.

Unbeknownst to them, the Forest Fairy watched over these blossoming moments, a silent guardian weaving spells of protection.

The fifteenth birthday of Liana was fast approaching, and with it, the dreaded day of the prophecy. The air was thick with tension as the village prepared for the celebration, unaware of the significance. Liana, excited yet unaware of her true heritage, looked forward to the festivities.

On the eve of her birthday, the Forest Fairy revealed the truth to Liana. Shocked and scared, Liana found herself at a crossroads of destiny. She confided in Sir Eldric, who listened with a heart heavy with emotion.

“I may not know the ways of magic, but I do know this,” Sir Eldric declared, “I have found my heart’s true companion in you, and together we shall face whatever comes.”

As the first rays of dawn broke on her fifteenth birthday, a miraculous transformation began. But it was not what the prophecy foretold. Instead of turning into a dragon, Liana’s Mark of the Dragon shimmered and faded. The love and bond she shared with Sir Eldric had broken the curse, rewriting her fate.

The kingdom rejoiced at the news, and the king and queen welcomed their daughter back with open arms. Sir Eldric and Liana’s love became a testament to the power of true connection, a beacon of hope that lighted the kingdom for years to come.

And so, Liana, the princess marked by destiny, found her true self not in isolation but in love and companionship, forever changing the kingdom’s belief in prophecies and fate.

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Follow Up Questions

Here are three follow-up questions to engage kids after they’ve heard the story “Liana’s Destiny: The Princess and the Dragon’s Mark”:

How do you think Liana felt when she learned about the dragon’s mark and her destiny? Can you think of a time when you were surprised or scared about something, and what did you do?

If you were Liana’s friend, what advice would you have given her to help her with her destiny? Why do you think that advice would be helpful?

Sir Eldric and Liana showed bravery and kindness. Can you think of a time when you were brave or kind to someone else? What happened and how did it make you feel?

These questions are designed to encourage kids to empathize with the characters, reflect on their own experiences, and think creatively.

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