The Saucy Boy


In a tiny cottage in a small village lived a naughty boy known for his saucy remarks. One day, his mother, tired of his cheekiness, decided it was time for a lesson.

“Off you go to the world and learn some manners!”. She declared. With a mischievous grin, the boy packed his things and set off on his adventure.

The boy hadn’t walked far when he met an old lady on the road. “Good day, Mother,” he said with a sly smile. “You’re so hunched, you could mix the batter in your hump!”

“Oh, you saucy boy! Your tongue will get you in trouble one day!” the old lady scolded, shaking her finger.

But the boy just laughed and continued on his way until he reached the king’s castle. There, he boldly marched up to the king. “Your Highness,” he said, “I’ve heard your knights are brave, but I bet I can be cheekier than any of them are courageous!”

Amused by the boy’s audacity, the king chuckled. “If you can prove it, I’ll reward you with a bag of gold. But if you fail, I’ll have you thrown in the dungeon.”

The boy accepted the challenge and soon became renowned in the kingdom for his saucy words. He made the princess laugh and the queen gasp. He even teased the king’s horse for having four legs but still being unable to put a log on the fire!

Finally, the king declared, “You truly are the sauciest boy in the land!” and gave him a bag of gold.

With his pockets heavy, the boy returned home. His mother greeted him, astonished. “My son, have you learned nothing from your journey?”

The boy winked and handed her the gold. “I’ve learned that a saucy tongue can be more precious than gold, but don’t worry, Mother. With this, I’ll buy us a better life, and yes, perhaps I’ll be a little less saucy.”

And from that day on, the boy was still playful but knew well when to let his sauciness shine and when to keep it in check, for every word has its place and time.

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Moral of The Story

“The Saucy Boy” by Hans Christian Anderson teaches us that while cleverness and wit can be charming, knowing when to use them is the true mark of wisdom.

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