Little Ida’s Flowers


Once upon a time, in a cozy room filled with toys and books, Little Ida was troubled. Her beautiful flowers, so vibrant the day before, now looked tired and withered. She asked her friend, the wise Student, who was visiting her:

“Why are my flowers looking so sad? They were so lively yesterday.”

The Student, with a twinkle in his eye, leaned in and whispered, “Don’t you know? Your flowers have been at the ball last night, which is why they seem so worn out.”

Little Ida’s eyes grew wide with wonder. “Flowers can dance?” she asked.

The Student nodded. “Of course, when the moon shines and everyone is asleep, they come out and celebrate. They have their own elegant ball.”

“But,” Little Ida frowned, “flowers can’t dance without music!”

The Student laughed softly. “Oh, they make music by rustling their leaves and petals. Would you like to hear the story of the splendid flower ball?”

“Yes, please!” Little Ida clapped her hands in delight.

The Student leaned back and began his tale. “Last night, the most splendid ball was held in the royal garden. The blue violets represented sailors, and wore straw hats. The tulips, in their bright red and yellow gowns, were the fine ladies. They awaited the music of the big yellow lilies, who fancied themselves as musicians.”

“Did the roses dance too?” Ida interjected, her imagination alight with images of dancing flowers.

“The roses were the ladies of honor, but they kept within their sunbeds, as they didn’t want the others to see their feet. They are ever so proud,” the Student added with a smile.

“And what about my poor flowers?” Little Ida pointed to her wilted flowers.

“They were there too, dancing gracefully. But like all good things, the dance came to an end with the rising sun, and so they hurried back to their beds, which is why they hang their heads in weariness.”

Little Ida felt a wave of sadness for her flowers. “What can I do to help them recover?” she asked softly.

“Just give them plenty of love and water. They will surely perk up. And tonight, you might try to sneak a peek at the ball,” the Student suggested a mischievous glint in his eyes.

That night, Little Ida couldn’t sleep; she was too excited about the flowers and their secret life. She peeped out of her window and saw, to her amazement, the flowers come to life, nodding to each other and spreading their leaves like wings.

They danced gracefully, just as the Student had said. Ida watched in silent joy, promising to never forget the secret of the flowers’ nightly dances.

From then on, Ida took extra care of her flowers, always leaving them to rest after their nights of dancing. And every so often, she’d join in, dancing a silent waltz by the moonlight, feeling as light and lovely as the petals themselves.

And that’s the enchanting tale of Little Ida’s Flowers, reminding us all to find joy in the little mysteries of life and to care for the world around us with love and wonder.

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Follow Up Questions

  • Why do you think Little Ida’s flowers were so tired in the morning?
  • If you could dance with the flowers in Little Ida’s garden, which flower would you choose to dance with and why?
  • What would you do to help the flowers get ready for their next dance at the moonlight ball?

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