The Storks Short Story


The Storks based on the tale by Hans Christian Andersen, is a charming story that teaches important lessons about kindness and understanding. Here’s a version adapted to be engaging and accessible for young readers:

Once upon a time, in a quaint little village, there lived a family of storks. The storks had made their nest on the rooftop of a beautiful old house. They were a sight to behold, with their long legs, graceful necks, and sharp beaks.

In this village, there was a tradition. The children would sing to the storks, asking them to bring them little brothers or sisters. But not all children were kind. Some mischievous kids would tease the storks, which made the gentle birds very sad.

One of the young storks, named Soren, asked his mother, “Why do some children tease us? Don’t they know we bring joy and new life to families?”

His mother, wise and patient, replied, “Not everyone understands our role, my dear. But remember, we must be kind to all, even those who are not kind to us.”

As spring turned to summer, the stork family got busy. They had to deliver babies to expecting families. One night, as they flew under the moonlight, Soren’s father said, “Remember, we treat all families equally, no matter how their children behave. Our duty is to bring happiness.”

Soren, still troubled by the teasing children, asked, “But Father, shouldn’t those who are mean get a lesson?”

His father, with a twinkle in his eye, answered, “Every child deserves love and joy. But sometimes, a gentle lesson is needed.”

So, they came up with a plan. When delivering babies, they would also drop a little bundle at the homes of the mischievous children. But instead of a baby, these bundles had sweetly written notes that read, “Be kind, and kindness will come to you.”

As the village children found these notes, they realized the importance of their actions. Slowly, the teasing stopped, and the songs of love and requests for siblings filled the air once again.

Soren, seeing the change in the children, felt proud. He asked his mother, “Do you think they understood our message?”

His mother, looking over the peaceful village, replied, “Yes, my dear. Sometimes, all it takes is a small reminder to bring out the goodness in everyone’s heart.”

And so, the storks continued their important work, cherished and respected by all in the village, bringing joy, one bundle at a time.

Follow Up Questions

After reading “The Storks” to kids, here are three engaging follow-up questions you might ask:

What did you learn from how the storks treated the children, even those who were not kind to them? This question encourages children to think about the themes of kindness and understanding in the story.

If you were a stork in the story, what would you have done when the children teased you? This question helps kids put themselves in the shoes of the characters, fostering empathy and creative thinking.

Can you think of a time when you were kind to someone, even when it was hard to do? This question connects the story to the children’s personal experiences, helping them apply the moral of the story to their own lives.

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