The Story of the Bible


In the Beginning…

Once upon a time, before anything existed, there was only God. With a word, He created the skies, stars, lands, seas, plants, animals, and the first two humans – Adam and Eve. They lived in a beautiful garden called Eden.

“It’s perfect!” exclaimed Eve, looking around.

“Take care of this garden,” God told them, “but don’t eat fruit from one special tree.”

But, they were tempted by a crafty serpent and ate from the forbidden tree. Oops! This was the first wrong choice, and because of it, they left Eden.

A World of People

Generations passed, and the world became full of people. Some made good choices, like Noah. God told Noah to build a big boat, the Ark because a huge flood was coming. Only Noah’s family and a pair of each animal were safe inside the Ark.

“Trust me, Noah,” God said. And Noah did.

A Promise to Abraham

Years later, God made a promise to a man named Abraham.

“Your descendants will be as numerous as the stars,” God told him. And through Abraham, a great nation called Israel was born.

Moses and Freedom

The Israelites, however, became slaves in Egypt. God chose Moses to help set them free. With miracles, like parting the Red Sea, Moses led the people out of Egypt.

“Let my people go!” demanded Moses to the Egyptian Pharaoh.

The Kingdom of Israel

Over time, Israel had kings. Some were great, like David, who beat the giant Goliath with just a sling. David’s son, Solomon, built a grand temple for God.

The Prophets

God sent messengers, called prophets, to guide the people. They shared messages of hope, love, and warnings too.

“Remember to love and follow God,” the prophets would say.

Jesus is Born

In a humble stable in the town of Bethlehem, Jesus was born. Angels sang shepherds visited, and wise men brought gifts. Jesus grew up, performed miracles, and taught about love, kindness, and God’s kingdom.

“Love one another as I have loved you,” Jesus said.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

However, not everyone liked Jesus’ teachings. He was arrested and died on the cross. But, in a miraculous twist, He rose again! This was God’s gift to everyone: a chance for everlasting life.

Spreading the Word

Jesus’ friends, called disciples, spread His teachings everywhere. Paul, Peter, and John wrote letters and told stories about Jesus’ love and God’s promises.

The Final Vision

John had a vision of a beautiful new world where there was no pain, tears, or sadness. A place where everyone lived happily with God.

“It’s like a new Eden!” John might have said, remembering the first garden.

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