The Twelve Hunstman Fairy Tale


The Twelve Huntsmen is a captivating fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm. Here is the story

Once upon a time, in a kingdom wrapped in the softest clouds, a prince was engaged to a princess he loved more than the stars love the night sky.

However, one stormy evening, a messenger arrived, breathless, with news that his father, the king, was gravely ill and wished to see him one last time.

Before leaving, the prince, with tears brimming in his eyes, promised his beloved, “I will return for you, and we shall marry under the golden sun.”

At his father’s bedside, in a room lit by flickering candles, the king, with a voice as fragile as autumn leaves, made his son promise to marry another princess, a promise the prince reluctantly agreed to.

Thinking of his father’s dying wish. His heart heavy as stone, he whispered, “For you, father, I will do this.”

The heartbroken princess, upon hearing of her beloved’s new engagement, felt as if the winter had taken residence in her heart. Yet, her love was a flame that refused to be extinguished.

Determined not to lose her love, the princess, with a spark of defiance in her eyes, devised a plan. She remembered the prince once said, “Your horse riding, my love, is like watching the wind itself take form. I would recognize it anywhere.”

Smiling at the memory, she and her faithful servant gathered eleven women who were mirrors of herself in height and appearance and who also possessed the grace of the wind on horseback.

Together, they disguised themselves as huntsmen, their cloaks as green as the forest.

Leading her band of twelve, the princess arrived at the prince’s kingdom. Their presence was bold and mysterious, compelling the king to hire them without a moment’s hesitation, unaware of the secret they guarded like treasure.

One day, the king’s lion, a magical creature with eyes that shimmered like the ocean, whispered to the king, “Your huntsmen are not what they seem.” Intrigued, the king devised clever tests to uncover their true identities.

First, he placed peas under their mattresses, thinking, “A true huntsman would not notice, but a princess would.” Yet, the princess, wise to the ways of old tales, had warned her companions, and they slept soundly, the peas unnoticed.

Next, the king scattered spinning wheels and yarn in their path, thinking, “Surely, they will be drawn to these.” But again, the princess had foreseen such tricks, and they walked past without a second glance, their eyes only on the horizon.

Despite these tests, a shadow of suspicion lingered with the king. It was only when the prince saw the huntsmen and observed the grace of their leader on horseback that a flicker of recognition danced in his eyes. Approaching her, he asked, “Why have you taken such risks to come here?”

The princess, revealing herself, replied with a voice strong and clear, “I could not stand the thought of losing you to another. My love for you is as boundless as the sea, and it brought me here, disguised, to be close to you.”

Moved by her courage and enduring love, the prince took her hand and, together, they explained everything to his father.

The king, witnessing the depth of their love, felt a warmth thaw his own heart, and he consented to their union, saying, “True love is the greatest treasure of all.”

In the end, the prince and the princess married under the golden sun, their love proving that not even royal decrees could keep true hearts apart.

The twelve huntsmen were honored guests at the wedding, celebrated for their loyalty and bravery. And the kingdom rejoiced, for love had triumphed over all.

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Moral of The Twelve Huntsmen

True love is resilient and conquers all obstacles. Courage and loyalty are invaluable in overcoming challenges and achieving a happy ending.

Follow Up Questions

Why did the princess decide to disguise herself and her friends as huntsmen?
How did the prince recognize the princess even though she was in disguise?
What does this story teach us about love and promises?

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