The Wise Woman Story


A short bedtime story based on The Wise Woman: A Parable, a richly allegorical story by George MacDonald, opens in two contrasting worlds.

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In a humble cottage, Rosamond, a shepherd’s daughter, is scolded by her mother. “Rosamond, you must not go through that hole in the hedge again. It’s not ours.”

“But it’s so pretty, Mother!” Rosamond whined, her eyes defiant.

Despite her parents’ loving guidance, Rosamond’s willfulness grows. She repeatedly disobeys her parents, sneaking into the forbidden garden, her heart swelling with selfish desires.

Meanwhile, in a grand palace, a princess stomps her feet, her face red with rage. “I want it now!” she demands.

Her parents, the king and queen, exchange weary glances. “We must do something about her behavior,” the queen whispers.

As the princess’s tantrums worsen, the king and queen despair at her incorrigibility.

One day, a mysterious Wise Woman visits both girls. To Rosamond, she appears in the garden, her voice gentle yet firm. “Child, this garden is not yours. Come with me, and learn what is truly beautiful.”

To the princess, she appears in a shimmer of light. “Your Highness, true royalty is found in the heart. Come with me to discover real treasure.”

In the Wise Woman’s mystical abode, both girls face trials that challenge their character. Rosamond, lost in a labyrinth, cries out, “I don’t know the way!”

“Listen to your heart, child. It knows the path of truth,” the Wise Woman’s voice echoes.

The princess, confronted with a mirror showing her true self, recoils. “I look so… ugly.”

“True beauty comes from within,” the Wise Woman counsels.

Through tasks that test their humility, empathy, and self-control, both girls slowly shed their selfishness, learning the joy of kindness and the strength of gentleness.

Transformed, Rosamond returns to her parents, her heart now full of love and respect. “Mother, Father, I’m sorry for my selfishness,” she says, her eyes brimming with sincerity.

The princess returns to her kingdom, her demeanor now that of a wise, compassionate ruler. “My people, I have learned much. I will be the queen you deserve,” she promises, her voice steady and kind.

Both girls, once lost in their selfish ways, find redemption and growth through the Wise Woman’s guidance. Rosamond becomes a cherished daughter, her heart in harmony with her humble origins. The princess, once a source of dread, becomes a beloved queen, ruling with wisdom and love.

The End

In “The Wise Woman,” MacDonald weaves a tale of inner transformation, illustrating the journey from selfishness to selflessness, and the awakening of the soul. It’s a story that resonates with timeless lessons, reminding readers that true beauty and nobility lie in our actions and hearts.

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