The Wolf and The Stork Story

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One sunny day in the forest, a greedy Wolf devoured his prey so hastily that a bone stuck in his throat. He howled in discomfort, pacing back and forth. “This pain is unbearable!” he groaned.

In his agony, the Wolf approached a Stork. “Dear Stork,” he pleaded, “your beak is long and slender. Could you reach down my throat and pull out this bone? I promise a handsome reward for your help!”

The Stork, cautious but compassionate, agreed. “Alright, Wolf, I will help you. But remember your promise.”

Carefully, the Stork extended her long beak into the Wolf’s throat and deftly removed the troublesome bone. The Wolf felt instant relief and started to turn away.

“Wait, what about my reward?” asked the Stork, extending her wing to stop him.

The Wolf, now free from discomfort, sneered. “You put your head in a wolf’s mouth and lived to tell the tale. Isn’t that reward enough? You should be grateful!”

The Stork, realizing the Wolf’s ingratitude, replied sadly, “I should have known better than to expect kindness in return from someone so selfish.”

Moral of The Story

The moral of the story is that it’s unwise to expect gratitude from the unworthy. This fable teaches the importance of being cautious about whom we help and reminds us that not everyone will appreciate acts of kindness.

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