The Farmer and the Stork Short Story

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In a lush, green field, a Farmer was troubled by a flock of cranes and geese that feasted on his newly sown corn. Determined to protect his crops, he set a net and hid nearby.

As the sun set, the birds swooped down, ready to feast. But this time, they were caught in the Farmer’s net. Among them was a Stork, who had innocently joined the birds, unaware of their thieving ways.

The Stork pleaded, “Please, kind Farmer, let me go! I am not a thief like these cranes and geese. I am a Stork, a bird of good character. I honor my parents and live honestly.”

The Farmer approached, his face stern. “It may be as you say, Stork. But I caught you with the thieves, and you must face the same consequences.”

“But, sir,” the Stork cried, “I was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time! I beg of you, see my innocence!”

The Farmer shook his head. “I cannot judge your heart, Stork, but by allying yourself with these thieves, you have shared in their fate. It is important to choose your company wisely.”

With a heavy heart, the Farmer followed through with his decision, teaching the Stork a harsh lesson.

Moral Of The Story

The moral of this story is clear: “You are judged by the company you keep.” It teaches children the importance of choosing friends wisely and the consequences of being associated with wrongdoers, even if one is innocent.

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