The Two Goats


On opposite sides of a narrow mountain bridge, two goats spotted a patch of fresh green grass on the other side. Each was eager to cross and taste the lush green waiting for them.

As they met in the middle of the bridge, neither goat would give way. Their path was narrow, and there was no room for both to pass.

“Why don’t you back up and let me pass?” said the first goat, his eyes fixed on the greenery beyond. “Clearly, I saw the grass first.”

The second goat snorted, “No, I won’t move! Why should I yield when I have as much right to pass as you?”

They pushed and prodded, locking horns, neither willing to budge. They were so engrossed in their squabble that they didn’t notice the bridge’s edge or the roaring river below.

With a sudden slip, both goats tumbled into the rushing water, the fresh green grass forgotten.

On the bank, a wise old crow shook its head, “Such a waste, all for the want of a little give and take.”

Moral of the Story

Pride and stubbornness can lead to downfall. Compromise can often prevent a bigger loss.

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