Bedtime Stories for Newborns (ages 0-2 )

Welcome to bedtime stories for Newborns our tiniest listeners. Your newborn will not grasp the complexities of a narrative. But the rhythm of your voice as you read is soothing. This can help to strengthen the emotional bond between you and your child. Here is our collection:

a bedtime poem for a son to say I love you

Goodnight, My Sunshine

As the day softly fades into night,And stars above begin to light,I whisper gently, “Time…

The Bremen town musicians image

The Bremen Town Musicians

“The Bremen Town Musicians” is a delightful tale from the Brothers Grimm about friendship, bravery,…

a boy in an air balloom in the air

Jimmy Fly Fly!!

In a small town, not far away,Lived young Jimmy, who’d often say,”I wish I could…

a baby and the moon cartoon lullabay

Good Night Moon

In the sky so high and blue,Moon smiled softly, bright and true. “Moon, Moon,” whispered…

a bear saying goodnight to a start. A bedtime story

Twinkling Dreams

In a cottage snug beneath the skies so high lived little Benny, a bear with…

Benefits of Bedtime Stories for Newborns

Reading stories to your newborn is a simple way to help them get familiar with the sounds of words. And it is the first step to learning how to talk.

It’s also a special time for you to bond, as the calm and loving moments you share can make your newborn feel safe and loved.

Plus, making storytime a regular part of bedtime helps your little one know that it’s time to sleep, helping them settle down for the night.

Choosing Stories for Newborns

Simplicity is Key: Look for books with simple, high-contrast images and repetitive, gentle text.

Lullabies and Rhymes: Rhyming stories and lullabies are excellent for newborns, offering soothing rhythms that mimic the comfort of the womb.

Soft Sensory Books: Fabric books with different textures are wonderful for newborns to experience during storytime, even if they’re more for touching than reading.

Tips for Newborn Bedtime Reading

Soft, Gentle Voice: Use a soft and gentle tone to calm your newborn, making the experience reassuring and cozy.

Regular Timing: Try to read at the same time each evening to help establish a predictable routine.

Cuddle Time: Hold your newborn close during storytime to reinforce security and warmth.

Remember, the goal of bedtime stories at this stage isn’t about teaching or development; it’s about the closeness and the calming, loving voice that your newborn will come to associate with comfort and sleep.

So make sure you come back as we are constantly adding new stories for newborn babies. As your newborn transitions into a toddler, you’ll also find stories for toddlers here.