1 Minute Bedtime Stories

This collection of 1-minute bedtime stories is a treasure of adventures, mysteries, and delightful characters. All wrapped up in bite-sized stories perfect for busy evenings or when your child or you as an adult is eager for ‘just one more story!’

As the stars twinkle in the night sky and the moon casts a gentle glow, it’s time to tuck your little ones into bed.

But bedtime doesn’t have to be a rush against the clock. Here, in our cozy corner of the internet, we believe in the power of quick, captivating stories to send you to dreamland with a smile.

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More About our 60 second(1 min) bedtime stories

Each story here is crafted with love and care, ensuring they’re brief and rich in imagination and wonder. They’re perfect for instilling a love for reading and conveying a message of moral and character value. If you prefer to be read, most of our one-minute bedtime stories have audio.

You will find classic bedtime stories, like The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs that teach about the consequences of gree in 60 seconds. Or meet the Lion and The Mouse ally and help each other. Join The Elephant and The Ant. They teach the value of kindness and that size is not as important as what is in your heart. And find so many more 1 minute bedtime stories. They’ll help you relax and set the perfect mood for a good night’s sleep.

So snuggle up, settle down, and let us take you on a journey through fantastical worlds and whimsical bedtime stories, all in just 60 seconds. Sweet dreams await at the end of every story!

We are constantly updating our collection with new stories. So be sure to bookmark our page and check back later for our latest published 1-minute stories.

Start your magical bedtime story journey now. Select a story and enjoy!